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Secrets of exposure revealed, with a bonus color checker card included Exposure is the number one topic that digital photographers want to know about. This full-color book fits in your camera bag and provides all the information you need on this very important aspect of digital photography. Exposure involves combining ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in different variations to accomplish your vision of the perfect image. Exposure Digital Field Guide takes you through the complex techniques of good exposure, taking you from hobbyist to serious amateur photographer. Explains how to adjust shutter speed and aperture to control the amount of light hitting the camera's light sensor Teaches you how to «see the light» for the perfect exposure Helps you gain confidence as you move from automatic controls into manipulating the elements of exposure for specific results Packed with stunning full-color photographs to illustrate what you can achieve Provides suggested settings for various shooting situations and subjects Includes a tear-out color checker card to help you maintain true color Fits in your camera bag for ready reference in the field Exposure Digital Field Guide helps you master one of the most complex and intricate elements of digital photography.
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