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Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 1,7, Växjö University (Organizational Development), course: Change and Renewal, language: English, abstract: In the late 1990's Ericsson faced major problems, selling their products to customers. Ericsson experienced a crash from being the market leader to rock bottom. To save Ericsson's reputation, they needed to find a solution to their problem to survive in the market. Therefore Ericsson's approach was to look for a company, which would provide the expertise, they lacked. They found an equal partner in Sony and built a Joint Venture with them. However, success is not automatically guaranteed when joining forces with another company. Success is a question of many aspects. The change and turnaround at Ericsson is described in this work. Furthermore is the sucess of the change discussed, using theoretical models from the works of French/Bell "Organizational Development": The Congruence Model and The Litwin/Burke Model. Furthermore the approach of Innovative Organizations was used as well as Jackson/Carter's "Rethinking Organizational Behaviour" approach on Semiotics, Power and Knowledge.
Диван Галактика Мирта Д3 Savana Hazel, Розы sony ericsson hazel
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Аккумулятор для телефона iBatt BA700 для Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (ST18i), Xperia E Dual (C1605), Xperia miro (ST23i), Xperia E (C1505), Xperia Tipo Dual (ST21i2), Xperia Tipo (ST21i), Xperia Neo V (MT11i), C1504, Xperia SX (SO-05D) sony ericsson hazel
Anna Lena Bischoff, L. Sällström, P. Trimborn Change and Renewal - Organizational Development sony ericsson hazel
Комплект евростандарт Primavelle Hazel sony ericsson hazel
Комплект двуспальный Primavelle Hazel sony ericsson hazel
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