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Praise for The Lean Six Sigma guide to Doing More with Less «At Frito Lay, we have applied many of the concepts and tools in this book, and we are realizing a five to seven times return on our annual Lean Six Sigma investment.» —Tony Mattei, Lean Six Sigma Director, Frito Lay «Ecolab has experienced a sustainable, competitive advantage through Lean Six Sigma. The principles in this book are helping us drive greater value for our share-holders, better service for our customers, and talent development opportunities for our associates.» —Jeffrey E. Burt, Vice President and Global Deployment Leader, Lean Six Sigma, Ecolab «This book gives excellent insights into Lean Six Sigma and its strong impact within different industries. We used Lean Six Sigma in numerous process improvement projects, which, in turn, helped to create momentum and set up a process improvement culture. Amid a challenging economic environment, we are accelerating this initiative globally.» —Satheesh Mahadevan, Directeur des Processus, Société Générale «Our Lean Six Sigma deployment of the concepts and tools described in this book is transforming our business—with tangible benefits for our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.» —Jeffrey Herzfeld, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA «We have deployed the holistic Lean Six Sigma strategy described by Mark George across our enterprise. It is providing remarkable returns for Unum.» —Bob Best, Chief Operating Officer, Unum «The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More with Less presents a comprehensive view of operations transformation, the approaches required for success, leadership's role, and the competitive advantage that results. Transformational changes are enabling us to do more with less, by investing and working smarter.» —Ted Doheny, President and COO, Joy Mining Machinery
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