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Leadership experts posit many opinions about leadership, but few address personal leadership. Personal leadership starts with a personal relationship with yourself. An in-depth look at who you are inside and the mechanics of your emotions. Many adult learners find themselves fighting a battle within themselves, a struggle of self understanding and the desire to have the courage to explore it. Many universities have leadership development programs for adult learners. However, few address personal leadership or the philosophy of moral courage. Moral courage is a philosophical and psychological foundation of personal leadership and is the core foundation that Diverse Educational Leadership Training Academy (DELTA) uses to teach personal leadership. This book provides an overview of the critical perceptions of DELTA graduates and the five characteristics of personal leadership as reveled by the DELTA graduates.
J. Conrad A Personal Record personal
Jim Bouchard Dynamic Components of Personal Power personal
Ron Thatcher Selling Personal Training. How to Make the Most of Your Personal Training Business personal
Melissa Mahan The DELTA Model of Personal Leadership personal
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