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'You're dishonest, Father!' says Sara. 'You're cheating the customers! I don't want to work at the market. 'But you must work for me, Sara,' says her father. 'Children must help their parents. That's life.'
Bilingual Chinese Classics Culture Book : The works of mencius in chinese and english for adults children mencius says
Mencius a Benevolent Saint for the Ages  Language English Keep on Lifelong learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless-476 mencius says
Whitney Norman Sara Says No! mencius says
The Works of Mencius Chinese Traditional Philosophy keep on learn as long as you live knowledge is priceless and no border-102 mencius says
ZHUANG ZI Says mencius says
Unknown Jesus Says So mencius says
Louis Gerstner Who Says Elephants Can't Dance mencius says
Justin Halpern Sh*t My Dad Says mencius says

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