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Welcome to FrameMaker - Creating and Publishing Content. Adobe’s FrameMaker software is the industry leader in technical publishing, and the release of FrameMaker 2015 continues that tradition. FrameMaker specializes in long-document formatting and automates mundane but essential tasks, such as maintaining running headers and footers, and updating tables of contents. It offers an easy path to producing multiple output formats, including print, PDF, and mobile formats.This book shows new users how to use unstructured FrameMaker, the most popular of the FrameMaker user interface options, to streamline their publishing workflows for greater efficiency and productivity. I’ve provided new screenshots throughout, as well as coverage of the new features in FrameMaker 12 and FrameMaker 2015. There’s even something for the most knowledgeable Frame folks. There’s a separate list of the features added by version, and lots of best-practice details transposed from my own “shop-worn” copy.One of the most significant changes since the FrameMaker 11 version of this book is the emergence of the mobile web. FrameMaker has kept pace with new technologies like HTML5, EPUB, and Kindle. This book gives you the detail you need for many of the available FrameMaker options for multichannel output.In addition to writing about FrameMaker, I practice what we preach. I’ve trained, consulted and written about FrameMaker since the early versions. In fact, the book you are holding was itself produced in Fra...
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