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Provides comprehensive information about the key exploration, development and optimization concepts required for gas shale reservoirs Includes statistics about gas shale resources and countries that have shale gas potential Addresses the challenges that oil and gas industries may confront for gas shale reservoir exploration and development Introduces petrophysical analysis, rock physics, geomechanics and passive seismic methods for gas shale plays Details shale gas environmental issues and challenges, economic consideration for gas shale reservoirs Includes case studies of major producing gas shale formations
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G6 diaphragm gas meter G10G16G25 industrial gas gas natural gas meter 6 cubic gas flowmeter gas пиджак
Thickened Explosion-proof Metal Gas Gas Natural Gas Liquefied Gas Pipe Water Heater Gas Stove Accessories gas пиджак
Outdoor Gas Stove Adapter Gas Flat Tank Valve Gas Round Coupler Gas Charging Accessories Camping Kit gas пиджак
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8mm*12mm*4mm Household Natural Gas Liquefied Gas Special Hose Connected To Gas Gas Stove Hose Rubber Hose Gas Hose gas пиджак
Reza Rezaee Fundamentals of Gas Shale Reservoirs gas пиджак
Газовый баллон GAS (цанговый) 220г gas пиджак

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