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ExecVisa published the ExecVisa book on how you go about obtaining many types of visa that allow you to work or do business legally in USA. This invaluable guide book has been published in a variety of languages (in both print and ebook versions). The book is an easy to read and understand guide. It explains what’s needed to secure a US visa to meet the immigrant's needs. If you are an immigrant, it tells you what you require to know and have for discussion with your immigration lawyer. This saves you a great amount of your time and your money. It cuts down on expensive legal fees and speeds up the process. The book is wide-ranging without being exhaustive.Invaluable guidelinesIt supplies you with invaluable guidelines and includes 8 ways to work or do business legally in USA and 6 ways to stay in USA permanently (Green Card eligibility - unfamiliar to you). Non-nationals have a keen interest in entrepreneurship/start-up in USA. To further assist them to achieve their aims we include in the book an extra bonus. It contains most helpful chapters on Intellectual Property matters, in the US and elsewhere:Trade marks - invaluable guidelines if you are bringing/launching branded product/services in the US and elsewhere. Patents - If you are an innovator/inventor, unlock your ideas and turn them into profitable reality. This book describes the invaluable steps from concept to applying for a patent.
ExecVisa Vistos para os Estados Unidos. ExecVisa execvisa execvisa
ExecVisa Visas for the United States. ExecVisa execvisa execvisa
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ExecVisa Visas para los Estados Unidos. ExecVisa execvisa execvisa

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