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Web Applications with C#.ASP is designed for students familiar with C#.NET programming for stand-alone applications, and who wish to develop skills in producing interactive web applications. By working through the example programs, students will gain an understanding of basic interface construction, processing and database operations in an object oriented C#.NET environment.The book includes:•Comparison of programming techniques for stand-alone and web applications.•Creating interactive forms.•Setting up a database table, accessing the database, and displaying the data on a web page.•Creating a multi-page web site with a menu system.•Storing images in a database.•Use of the calendar component.•An object oriented approach.The final two projects, Hardware store and Canal boat holidays, bring together techniques developed in earlier chapters. Extensive use is made of database operations to handle customer data with an emphasis on object oriented methodology.
Air Conditioner Remote Control Support 2 x AAA Batteries for Hitachi Air Conditioner RAR-2A1 / RAR-52P1 / RAR-2SP1 / RAR-3U4 database rar page 2
New Remote control For Hitachi Air Conditioner RAR-2P2 RAS-80YHA RAR-3U1 RAR-3U3 RAR-52P2 RAR-2P1 RAR-2A1 RAR-52P1 RAR-2SP1 database rar page 2
Universal AC Remote Control RAR-3U4 For Hitachi Air Conditioner RAR-2P2 RAR-3U1 RAR-3U2 RAR-3U3 A/C Fernbedienung database rar page 2
Air Conditioning Conditioner Remote Control Fit For Hitachi RAS-80YHA RAR-3U1 RAR-3U3 RAR-2P2 RAR2P2 RAR-52P2 database rar page 2
Universal Air Conditioner Remote Control Replacement For Hitachi RAR-3U4 RAR-2P2 RAR-3U3 database rar page 2
Graham Hall Web Applications with C.. ASP database rar page 2
Handheld Air Conditioner Remote Control For Hitachi RAS-80YHA RAR-3U1 RAR-3U3 RAR-2P2 RAR2P2 Air Conditioning Remote Controller database rar page 2

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