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Want to write great looking documents but can’t seem to get a handle on paragraph structuring? Unfamiliar with some of the buttons and functions on your menu bar? Need to add page numbers for a paper but can’t find the controls? Word 2003 For Dummies will show you the quick and easy way to navigate through the trickiness of Microsoft Word. This book will be your comprehensive guide to using this word processor like a pro. Word 2003 For Dummies shows you all the essentials of building, reviewing, and adding cool new features to Word documents. No wonder the previous editions sold over 1.7 million copies. This book makes it easy to catch on, because it: Adopts a beginner’s point of view in order to show you the basics of running the program. Includes complete walkthroughs for many features Reveals tips, tricks, and wizards to make Word a snap Covers more advanced techniques, making it a reliable reference at any level Written by the author of the first For Dummies book ever, DOS For Dummies, as well as the bestselling Word 2002 For Dummies and PCs For Dummies With Word 2003 For Dummies, you’ll get all the information you need to be the most productive with Word. No longer will you be spending less time working and more time make Word work. You’ll be creating fantastic-looking documents in no time!
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