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The Definitive 4-in-1 Reference Guide to Alternative Assets Many books cover individual alternative asset classes, but none offers a comprehensive examination of the four major classes as presented in the Handbook of Alternative Assets. This complete handbook merges data and strategies scattered in numerous volumes into one handy guide for the serious investor. The four major classes discussed are: * Hedge funds * Commodity and managed futures * Private equity * Credit derivatives Organized by sections-one for each alternative asset class-the Handbook of Alternative Assets demonstrates the benefits and risks of each alternative asset and reveals how these asset classes can be incorporated into a diversified portfolio. Through expert advice, the Handbook of Alternative Assets details each of four major alternative asset classes and breaks down their quantitative statistical value as well. With this comprehensive handbook on your desk, you'll begin to use alternative asset classes to both hedge and expand any portfolio.
David Boyle Broke: Who Killed the Middle Classes? classes
Джек Лондон War of the Classes classes
Ismo Lindell V. Multiforms, Dyadics, and Electromagnetic Media classes
Brace Charles Loring The Dangerous Classes of New York, and Twenty Years' Work Among Them classes
Mark Anson J.P. Handbook of Alternate Assets classes
David M. Darst Portfolio Investment Opportunities in India classes
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