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第八届华语科幻星云奖入围作品!“纯爱科幻”,由雨果奖得主郝景芳、全球华语科幻星云奖及中国科幻银河奖得主陈楸帆等联袂推荐!小说中,斯坦福大学新生毅书爱上了他的同学、美丽的华人姑娘玲珑,不久却发现了玲珑原来是半人半机器的秘密。毅书固然义无反顾,而玲珑是否懂得爱、是否能感受爱?他们之间能发展出真正的爱情吗? 人工智能、时间旅行、太空探险等科幻因素为这个爱情故事绘出宏阔的背景, 使故事更为引人入胜,也引出了对于未来社会中科技与人伦之间的关系的深入思考。This is the first collection of Er Xiang's stories headed by Back to 2046, a warming, touching science fiction.College freshman Yishu meets a beautiful girl named Linlong, finding himself naturally attracted to her. When he discovers that she is a half human, half computer cyborg, he is not deterred. Does she know about love or, can she feel it? Will they develop a real relationship? What will they experience? Erxiang tells a convincing, touching love story. Aside from Back to 2046, her latest collection includes 11 stories on different topics but all equally touching.
Joseph Correa 60??????????. ????? 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
Ann Xinan Sun Insight to US Education. a Mom and Her Ivy Leaguers 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
二湘 ..2046 (Back to 2046,Chinese Edition) 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
hu guang ci shi yong zhong yi yao li xue ....... 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
Shangyu Chen, China Soul for Christ Foundation History of Christianity into China 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
Matthias Fiedler .........:.......... ....:.................,..,.......... 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
Transculturality and New Global Governance 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)
Johnny Qiang The Feelings in Canada 智能管理系统工程实用技术(附光盘)

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