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A provocative and insightful look at using managed futures to diversify investment portfolios Financial advisors have long ignored managed futures. Yet, in the past thirty years, managed futures have significantly outperformed traditional stock and bond investments. In High-Performance Managed Futures: The New Way to Diversity Your Portfolio, author Mark H. Melin advises investors to question the commonly held belief of stocks and bonds, buy and hold. The first book of its kind, Melin advances a Nobel Prize winning investment method that’s been updated for today’s world to describe how managed futures can be used to design portfolios independent of the ups and downs of the stock market. The book: • Details a new path for managing investments that’s not entirely dependent on the economy at large • Describes meaningful asset diversification, while exposing Wall Street myths on the subject Many of today’s investor’s are betrayed by either short-term thinking or the now outdated buy and hold investing philosophy. High-Performance Managed Futures details how to develop a stock market neutral investment portfolio designed for success in the long-term.
Mark Melin H. High-Performance Managed Futures. The New Way to Diversify Your Portfolio туфли melin
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